Learn Data Science Easily

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” — Sherlock Holmes

Data Science is a field of study which extracts information from the data by using methods like algorithm and statistics.

It will give you the hidden solution from the raw data.

It is very helpful in converting the unstructured or structured business data into a beautiful project that can be result in solution for development of the business.

In prehistoric India(No books No written documents and No language), People stored their data as paintings. From that paintings we find the history of ancient India.
In Hindu religion there is a book called panchangam. It is predicted data of celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, forecasting weather (rain, dry spells) as well as more mundane occurrences. It is the purest form data scientist work.

20 Years back we didn’t had any enough space or tools to store the large amount of data. So we had only few datum. At that time manual computation is used to find the solution.
Nowadays, Growing of the technology increase the storage size of the tools. The amount of data gathering also too high. we cannot do manual computation for millions of data. It can only done by the computational machine. This is the root cause for development of data science.

Components in Data Science:

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Who can learn Data Science easily ?

  1. Computer Science
  2. Math and statistics
  3. Domain and Basic Knowledge → data handling

they can easily learn Data Science.

Persons who with high mathematical or logical skill will easily learn Data Science.

note: Persons who have interest will learn Data Science quickly. So don’t feel bad when you don’t know above areas.

Steps to learn Data Science:

Computer Science

  1. Learn any one programming language(Many prefer python for data science)
  2. Work with data from the excel or database.

Math & Statistics

  1. It is very vague so extra hard work is needed.
  2. Use Animated episodes of math videos in you tube it will very helpful to understand the root concepts.

Domain & Basics Knowledge

  1. learn basics of math and statistics

3. Practice daily to develop your data science skill

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